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Refund policy

Refund and withdrawal Information (regulations)

The refund and withdrawal process refers to the method for processing withdrawal forms submitted by the customer and the procedures followed by the employees of the Company in fulfilling the Refund policy.

  1. Creating a withdrawal request.

The Customer submits a request to withdraw funds from his/her trading account. The request is to be submitted in writing.

2. Fulfilling the Customer’s withdrawal request.

The personnel of the third party initiate the fulfillment of the withdrawal request on the condition that the content of the request adheres to the registration rules stipulated in the User Agreement. The withdrawal amount is subject to the rules set out in the User Agreement and other applicable policies. The Company has the right to stipulate a minimum sum which a customer can withdraw over a specified timeframe. As such, the minimum sum that can be withdrawn is USD 50. In the event that the customer has closed fewer than five transactions, the Company will charge a 5% commission on the sum withdrawn.

3. The company reserves the right to request that the customer submit documentation to verify his/her identity and complete the corresponding confirmation procedure. The customer will then be able to withdraw funds in accordance with the user agreement. The company may also request any other documentation it deems necessary to combat fraud, money laundering, or any other illicit behavior.

4. The Company may refuse to process the customer’s withdrawal request if it suspects that the customer is acting in contravention of the User agreement.

5. The customer affirms that he/she understands the terms and conditions upon which use of the Company’s services are predicated and accepts the obligation to pay all service fees and commissions delineated in the user agreement.

6. The customer, as a user of the Company’s services, submits his/her bank information to the Company. Besides, the company incurs no liability for failures to execute transfers caused by incorrect data provided by the customer.

7. The customer accepts full responsibility for adhering to the terms and conditions for making withdrawals and returns of funds as specified in the user agreement.

8. The Company reserves the right to decline to process a withdrawal and to make changes to the customer’s trading account in the event that suspicions arise that the customer has contravened the terms of the user agreement.

9. Any other transactions not covered by this document are to be regulated by the terms and conditions in the user agreement.

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