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Risk statement

This risk statement is directed toward Grow Line’s users and serves as due notice of the potential risks inherent to forex trading.

Financial transactions described as “forex trading” or “currency trading” are executed on an immediate settlement basis (“spot”), “day trading”, “options”, “forwards” and carry inherent risks.

When deciding whether to conduct trading with any brokerage, Grow Line included, any prospective trader must take his/her objective financial position into account.

Any transactions on the purchase or sale of a foreign currency have the potential to lead to the loss of funds, either in part or total. Forex trading should only be executed using ‘risk capital’, i.e., funds that are designated separately from those for necessary expenses and the loss of which will not precipitate undue harm.

Risk capital refers to funds, which are neither expected nor needed to be used for the sustenance or welfare of the trader or that of his/her dependents.

Grow Line advises all potential traders to educate themselves on the subjects delineated on the company’s website to develop a sober and thorough comprehension of the impending risks of trading in the forex market.

Such material on the Grow Line website, including analytical market reviews, expert opinions, and trading recommendations are not to be interpreted by any user, trader, or visitor of the website as impeccably accurate or up-to-date. Grow Line is not able to represent the veracity of the information at any and all times.

While web-based forex trading, offers certain benefits in expedience, in no way do these benefits mitigate the inherent risks.

Grow Line cannot be held liable by any user or third party who has engaged in trading based on information found on the company’s website. This non-liability applies especially to information on the veracity of quotes or delays in quotes, news, or charts based on quotes.

Attention: Our trading platform is not available for use by citizens or residents of Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, Turkey, or the United States.

By agreeing to the terms of this agreement, the user affirms that he/she accepts that the relationship between the Parties is bound by the terms and conditions of this User Agreement.

The Parties may mutually agree to be bound to agreements supplementary to this Agreement, which delineates the primary rights and obligations of both the Company and the User. Nevertheless, any supplementary agreements can only take force if it bears the signatures of the User and a duly authorized representative of the Company with the Company’s seal.

The User is hereby notified that any agreement signed by a person claiming to act on the Company’s behalf but lacking the Company’s authorization to do soon or lacking the Company’s seal implies no liability for the Company.

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